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Who we are

Youth of Sumud is a grassroots political formation that resists Israeli settler colonialism and advocates for a free and liberated Palestine. As our communities face elimination, we stand in solidarity as our families have for generations to remain on our ancestral lands. Unlike other organizations, this means we are physically present with at-risk families when they are facing immense pressure and violence.

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Our work

Being on the frontlines resisting Israeli violence and indigenous erasure, our founding members have been arrested, beaten, and imprisoned while standing in solidarity with the most vulnerable.

Photo of Palestinian protestors.


Our advocacy approach is rooted in dismantling the laws that underpin Israeli settler-colonialism.

Photo of olive trees being ready to be planted in Palestine.

olive trees

Our olive tree planting program helps ensure Palestinian families stay on their ancestral lands.

photo of Youth of Sumud activists walking kids to school in Palestine.


Facing Israeli settler attacks, we make sure shepherds, school children and families aren't alone.

Sami Huraini

"When the boot of the oppressor is on the neck of the people, we are called to be in solidarity on the ground."

Sami Huraini

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As social media networks continue to silence critical Palestinian voices, signing up to our emails represent one way you can ensure you're staying connected to the voices on the ground.

Youth of Sumud activist at a protest

Why nonviolent resistance to dispossession and violence matters

Youth of Sumud is a grassroots formation representing the continuation of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance to Israeli state violence and ethnic cleansing. We are a group of activists following in the footsteps of the generations that have organized to stay on their lands.

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