December updates from Masafer Yatta

As the genocide in Gaza continues to unfold, the Israeli regime also keeps pursuing its colonial violence here in the West Bank. During December attacks from both settlers and the occupation army were horribly frequent in Masafer Yatta.

Brutality by the army was witnessed continuously by Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills.

On the 27th of December the IOF arrested and brutally beat a young man from the village of Sadat Al Tha’la.
The army of course, is not the only one using violence to harrass the Palestinians living here. On December 16th, armed settlers attacked the shepherds of the village of Tuba.

Demolitions by the occupation forces have also been taking place this month.

On December 13th, a family home was demolished in the village of Susya. On the 27th of December a bulldozer destroyed the home of the Nawaja family, in the village of Al jawaya leaving them without shelter.

The new year also began with this terrible violence.

On the 2nd of January the IOF shot a young man in the village of Hmaidi; his condition were unknown for a long time because the military prevented anyone to reach him to provide aid. On the 3rd of January the IOF used tear gas to target the farmers in Sadat Al tha’la, to prevent them from taking care of their land.  A similar use of tear gas had taken place only a couple of days before that against sheperds grazing with their goats in the village of Tuwani. Moreover, only a few hours before that, the occupation forces had also raided Tuwani at night, terrorising the villagers and barging into their houses.

It is essential that this violence is not overlooked or that it goes unseen; while we remain steadfast in the Palestinian struggle for liberation, we ask anyone to keep their eyes on Masafer Yatta and to spread the word regarding the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in this part of Palestine.
In solidarity,

Youth of Sumud